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Cleaning Brushes
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Car Wash Cleaning Kit and 24 ft. Extension Pole Soft Car Scrub Brush Car Squeegee Wash Mitts Microfiber Cleaning Head HO16364661
The DocaPole 6 ft. to 24 ft. long-handled car washing kit is the perfect long-reach car cleaning sol..
$134.71 $80.26
3 in. Polypropylene Drain Brush 6-Pack HO71818756
This Flo-Pac Floor Drain Brush (for 3 in. diameter drains) is specially designed to work with the op..
$90.76 $61.90
8.5 in. Palmyra Utility Scrub Brush Case of 12 HO76723848
This basic brush consists of stiff bristles in a wood handle in the classic scrub brush design. It i..
$66.59 $34.32
13 in. Polyester Red Bench and Counter Brush Case of 12 HO35877114
The Sparta Spectrum Counter/Bench Brush is the general cleanup solution for applications requiring z..
$137.76 $91.22
7 in. Long Flo-Pac Toothbrush Style Maintenance Utility Brush Case of 12 HO25545335
This 7 in. Long Flo-Pac Stainless Steel Toothbrush Style Brush was designed for small detailed work...
$63.62 $22.98
15 in. W x 2 in. Diameter Polyester Valve and Fitting Brush Case of 12 HO84252111
15 in. straight brush with 2 in. diameter is designed for cleaning straight pipes, elbows, tees and ..
$125.50 $75.30
12 in. Sparta Polyester Bottle Brush in White 6-Pack HO14358151
Carlisle Sparta color-coded brushes promote food safety and reduce the risk of cross-contamination. ..
$96.70 $46.06
Tile and Grout Brush HO83778135
The Tile and Grout brush works on all tile floors, baths, countertops and backsplashes. The curved t..
$65.10 $19.86
Professional Pool and Deck Scrub Brush HO32413675
The Professional Pool and Deck Scrub features a 48 in. powder-coated steel handle. It has a convenie..
$69.59 $19.12
Boot 'N Shoe Brown Brush HO57554558
The Sparta Spectrum Boot 'N Shoe Brush is an essential part of anywhere that people with dirty feet ..
$72.46 $39.50
3 ft. 3 in. D White Polyester Pipe Brush HO87443762
The heavy-duty Sparta 3 in. diameter pipe brush with 36 in. handle is designed to clean the inside o..
$65.41 $19.42
Deli Supermarket Complete Kit Cleaning Tools in White HO82116681
Complete kit of cleaning tools designed to assist in restaurant HACCP cross contamination programs i..
$192.34 $144.54